A New Traveling Exhibition
Celebrating the 50th Anniversary of this
Landmark Pop Art Publication

Featuring Color Lithographs by

Alechinsky, Appel, Baj, Davie, Dine, Francis, Indiana, Jensen,
Jorn, Kaprow, Leslie, Lichtenstein, Mitchell, Kiki O.K.,
Oldenburg, Ramos, Rauschenberg, Riopelle, Rosenquist,
Saura, Smith, Ting, van Velde, Warhol and Wesselman

Dates Available 2019-2022
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Organized by
Landau Traveling Exhibitions
in association with
Denenberg Fine Arts



A New Traveling Exhibition

Celebrating the 50th anniversary of its 1964 publication, over 50 important original graphics from 1¢ LIFE are featured in a new traveling exhibition available for circulation to the museum world through 2017. Two complete sets provide an in- depth view of this landmark publication.

The genesis of 1¢ Life can be traced to 1961, when Ting wrote the sixty-one poems that course through the book’s pages in a variety of typefaces and shaped forms.  The poet-painter later recalled the period of this creative outburst: 

I wrote 61 poems in ’61 in a small black room like coffin, inside room only salami, whisky, sexy photographs from Times Square. No Bible, no cookbook, no telephone book, no check-book. Two short fingers, typing talking about World & Garbage, You & I, Egg & Earth.

Written in purposeful Pidgin English that finds an antecedent in the Beat poetry of the previous generation, Ting’s poems delve into the author’s experiences of the everyday, dealing with subjects ranging from racism and identity politics to economic and carnal desire.”

Colleen Terry, Assistant Curator, Achenbach Foundation for Graphic Art, Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco

In Paris from 1950 to 1958, Ting came under the influence of the avant-garde group CoBrA, notably Pierre Alechinsky, Karel Appel, and Asger Jorn. In 1958 Ting moved to America, where his closest associate was abstract painter Sam Francis. 

In 1964, Ting and Francis collaborated on 1¢ Life. It has come to be regarded as one of the greatest artist’s books of the period, a collection of Ting’s stream-of-consciousness poems liberally illustrated with brilliant original lithographs by a total of 28 celebrated artists. This remarkable work is notable for the way in which it mixes the slick Pop Art of Americans like Warhol with the turbulent, painterly, and political art of the CoBrA group.

Like his friends Sam Francis and Joan Mitchell, Ting was open to European ideas, and it was these three artists above all who incorporated the aesthetics of the gestural semi-abstract European style known as Art Informel into American Abstract Expressionism (which, in turn, was profoundly influenced by de Kooning and Pollock).  Ting’s own lithographs of the 1960s simply explode onto the page in an orgasmic riot of color, resonating perfectly with his fiery poetry.

The exhibition is organized by Landau Traveling Exhibitions, Los Angeles, in association with Denenberg Fine Arts, West Hollywood.

WALASSE TING  (photographed in 1963,
the year of the production of 1¢ LIFE)

Exhibition Info

Contents: 59 framed works including some poems, text panel and label copy
Publication:   Gallery guide for printing
Space Req: 150-200 running feet
Loan Fee: Upon request
Insurance:  Exhibitor responsible 
Shipping:  Exhibitor responsible 
Req:   Appropriate security

Jeffrey Landau, Director
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September 20 - November 9
Ponte Vedra Cultural Center
Ponte Vedra Beach, FL

December 1 - 31





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